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About Us 






To be the leading educational organization that coordinates in all application procedures and counsel Thai candidates interested to study abroad.






1.                 To be the organization to coordinate between students, parents and colleges around the world.

2.                 To be the source center, to counsel and prepare the students prior to their departure.

3.                 To assist students in application procedures and other arrangements.





A pathway to your future…








DYNAMIC EDUCATION NETWORK (DEN) is established to service in counseling and give information to students, graduates and interested individuals who would like to experience a wider vision, new technologies, improve their English abilities and further their studies abroad. DEN is supported by institutions and organizations from around the world, to represent on their behalf in order to recommend the institutes, place accommodation, select the appropriate course to suit the applicant.


DEN is founded by a team of new generation graduates who had an opportunity to further their education abroad. By having lived in another country and having experience in overseas education consulting, the team is aware of how to prepare oneself in order to study abroad, how to select a course and its provider, how to adjust to the new environment, the lifestyle, work experience, and workplace training. The management team has learnt from past experience and are aware of the best and accurate selection that is suitable for Thai students.


Today, English language is accepted to be the most important language and has direct effect towards knowledge development and future career. To send one’s children to study abroad in order to learn English with a native speaker, to be confident to speak, be able to communicate involves a lot of investment and trust from the parents.


Moreover the parents are worried to send their children in order to study and live by themselves. Therefore DEN would like to be a part to overcome this by giving the best counseling, coordinate between the institutions and the student and take good care of the students with our experience and our goal to develop Thai students.






Today, in order to send the students to study abroad has become normal for Thai people who can afford the high fees and cost of livin. The students should know the importance of English language, adjust themselves to a new culture, have self-confidence publicly and learn modern technologies, so that they can blend this into their daily lives.


DEN emphasis courses that are based on listening and speaking skills, and participating in college activities. We assist in accommodation placement such as homestay family that has been selected from the institutions we represent to ensure the safety of the students and experience the local lifestyle.


DEN will assist in all procedures starting from selecting a suitable course, activities, educational trip, homestay placement, air ticket, visa application and all other activities.


With our long-term education and travel experience, we are obliged to bring you the best courses from around the world. We offer the education program as follows:-


1.                 High School Culture Exchange Program in U.S.A.

2.                 International Education Counseling

0                   English Language Course

0                   High School Course

0                   Vocational Courses (Certificate and Diploma Course)

0                   Undergraduate Degree

0                   Postgraduate Degree

3.                 Summer Camp

4.                 Internship Program

5.                 Teacher Placement Program




Dynamic Education Network gives the best counseling to those candidates interested to further their education abroad, by representing the institutions and provide information with no service cost.


0                   Information about schools, colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. We are the source provider for courses in all faculties and levels. We assist in application process free of charge.

0                   We also provide assistance in accommodation placement. We place students in both host family and on-campus accommodation to suit the students’ needs for their safety.

0                   Arrange visa application, health insurance, student price air-ticket as well as airport pick-up service.

0                   Organize orientation and provide pre-departure information in order to let the student have some knowledge about their destination such as the weather and atmosphere, the local lifestyle, preparing the clothes and personal belongings as well as the basic use of English language.





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80/341 หมู่บ้านทิพวัล ซ.43

ถ.เทพารักษ์ ต.บางเมืองใหม่ อ.เมือง

สมุทรปราการ 10270


Tel: 0-2130-7696



E-mai: info@dynamiceducation.net


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